• A delicious 500g sweet pouch delivered to your door every month

  • NO CONTRACT, cancel anytime

  • You will NEVER get the same pouch as the previous month

  • Pouches will be chosen at random from our delicious range

  • No additional delivery costs. FREE DELIVERY

Pouches will vary between the following:

  • Jelly and Fizzy Mix

  • Fizzy Mix

  • Jelly Mix

  • Jazzles Mix

  • Chocolate Mix

  • Mini Swizzle Mix

  • Fudge Mix

  • Animal Mix

  • Shrimps and Bananas Mix

  • BonBons Mix

  • Strawberry Mix

  • Cola Bottles Mix

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your first pouch will be dispatched beginning of the following month. For example if you sign up on 12th August, your order will be dispatched beginning of September. 

  • All pouches are dispatched beginning of the month, between 1st - 4th.

  • Pouches are chosen at random from our range, you will never receive the same pouch 2 months running.

  • No additional costs, delivery is free every month.

  • You can order on the website and add your order into your pouch delivery to avoid additional delivery costs.

  • No contact, you can cancel anytime, no refunds will be issued if cancelled.

  • If a payment is missed, your plan will be cancelled and no pouches will be dispatched.

  • To Cancel please email or click here to contact us - We will pick up all requests within 24hours.

Northamptonshire, England

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