Moo Free White Chocolate Bar

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Moo Free White Chocolate Bars 20g

Each 20g Mini Moos Chocolate Bar is individually wrapped as well as organic, dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegans! The Moo Free white chocolate is for dairy dodging choccy chompers, deliciously smooth chocolate you can't taste the difference.  

  • White chocolate bar
  • Individually wrapped
  • For dairy dodging choccy chompers
  • Snack size bars


Important notice: Sweets are packed in an area which contains nuts. If you have any known food allergies we recommend purchasing sweets packaged directly from manufacture and not loose pick and mix due to sweets being weighed in the same environment as other sweets. If you have a food allergy please contact us prior to ordering. We try our best to keep an up to date list of ingredients, however from time to time we may switch brands of sweets. Manufacturers may also change their ingredients without notifying us. All weights on the website are averages. Weights may vary by a few grams.